How to create deb package – part 2

Debian packaging is much more than just adding dependencies. It could be quite complex and challenging to learn but I guarantee that it will be very beneficail.

In this example, I would like to use dh_make to create blank Debian packaging templates. This contains basic template to use pre/post scripts, configuration which is very easy to start. However, this template assumes that you have source to build for the package but the example assumes that there is no source. Continue reading “How to create deb package – part 2”

How to create deb package – part 1

Creating an empty debian package for Debian/Ubuntu that just installs certain packages you need can be very useful when you install a fresh OS.  For instance, if you need Apache2, PHP5, MySQL5, and phpmyadmin on fresh-installed Ubuntu machine, you can install all of them at once by creating an empty package that depends on those packages.  

Step 1. You will need root privilege

sudo su

Step 2. Create a folder that will contains content of the package

mkdir myserver

Step 3. Create a DEBIAN folder that stores meta data for the package
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