Dell XPS 600 Motherboard Burned

I got this great machine (Dell XPS 600) in 2005 and have been very happy with it except VT option in BIOS.  I have had it turned on all the time since it was running a VM for serving some web content.  However, a few weeks ago, I heard a small explosion from the inside of the computer and a little bit of smell.  And then it would not boot indicating some POST error from BIOS.

I opened up the case and it was very obviously that its motherboard was burned.  It has been constantly used since it ran as a server and stuff; however, it was never heavily used – I do not play games and did not overclock it (they kind of go together I guess).  I guess it may be affected by Capacitor Plague

I researched what options I have to resurrect this computer; however, it turned out to be that there is not an option really.  Dell was kind enough to offer me some discount but the motherboard was still more than $2-300 which is just way more than what the computer is worth.  In addition, due to fact that Dell used custom parts for XPS 600, none of the existing parts could be reused – case, power supply, motherboard.  I will probably never buy any custom parts in the future – lesson learned.

I researched further and found that it is still cheaper to build own computer since I have some other reusable parts – hard drives, dvd-roms, and etc.  Fortunately, I found a very good deal on AMD processor and motherboard combo from Microcenter so I was able to build my own computer pretty cheap. I am glad that there is Microcenter location close enough to where I live.

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  1. Finally you had an excuse to moved up from that old dual core. I’m still running my cheapo dual core, while my sweetie uses her quad core to play internet games!! Ouch…

  2. Hey,
    Smart decision I replaced the XPS 600 motherboard by getting a new one from Dell. Figured this way I have 2 years to save for something really nice. The new motherboard blew it’s capacitors after a year taking out the inductor/coil & more just like last time. Warning to xps 600 buyers it is just a matter of time before she melts down and burns something. Don’t get another lemmon from Dell my advice. Amazing it seems Dell saved 30 cents on a capacitor so your $2000 computer can fry.

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