Recommended Apps for Motorola Droid from Verizon – General Apps

I had used Blackberry 8830 World Edition for a couple of years and it had served me very well in terms of emails and voice calls; however, it was quite difficult to say it was a smartphone since the basic functionality, accessing web, was even often very limited and slow.  At the beginning of this year, I was lucky enough to get Motorola Droid from Verizon as a replacement phone and it opened up a whole new lifestyle for me and I have been in love with my Droid now.

Droid almost replaced my laptop and the following is a list of apps that I use the most.  You can download these apps from the Market.

I strongly recommend that you check out Droid-Life for any Android related information and tips.  It has been the best resource for me.  Thanks to Droid-Life!

  • Exchange
    • Email (Built-in app, Android 2.2 Froyo) – Built-in Email support for Exchange should connect to most corporate accounts since Froyo now supports various security features required by corporates.  It will be interesting to see ActiveSync support from hotmail
    • TouchDown (Android 2.1 and below) – 30-day trial available
  • Text Message (SMS)
    • Handcent SMS
  • Web Browser
    • Android Browser – built-in browser has been the best for my use
  • Media Player
    • RealPlayer
    • RockPlayer – plays AVI/DIVX media; however, does not support network share yet
  • GPS
    • Trapster – provides warnings for traffic camera
  • News (General)
    • BBC
    • USA Today
    • New York Times
    • NPR Podcasts – radio streaming
  • News (Technical)
    • Droid Life – The BEST Android site ever
    • Engadget
  • Shopping
    • Amazon
    • Ebay
  • Games
    • AirControl
    • RobotDefense
  • Misc
    • Barcode Scanner
    • ConvertPad
    • WallSwitch

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