VirtualBox 3.0.0 BETA2 Improvements

VirtualBox has been my favorite desktop virtualization tool for a couple years now.  I love it so much because it supports variety of host and client OSes, USB support, and shared folder with the host.  The fact that VirtualBox application itself and virtual machine images are portable between my Windows environment and Linux environment is the greatest feature for me.

However, there have been some issues that annoyed me a lot.

First issue was when you run multiple guests, sometimes it get frozen and you need to hard-reset your computer.  This happened quite often and it was very annoying.

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WordPress Automatic Upgrade Issue with PHP4

My hosting service provides 2 options for php versions; however, I have been running php4 because it was the default.  I wanted to test out WordPress’s Automatic Upgrade functionality but it just says it is downloading the zip file without any further progress.

I tried to look at permission and stuff but nothing was very clear.  However, I noticed somewhere in WordPress forum someone recommends that PHP5 is used.

I looked up how to use PHP5 from my hosting service and it was a simple line to enable PHP5.  I just added a line in .htaccess file.

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