Ubuntu 9.04 New Feature – Computer Janitor

As soon as I upgraded my laptop’s Ubuntu 8.10 to 9.04, I started looking for what new features there were. I found one that was interestingly named. “Computer Janitor” Hmm…

It turns out to be something that I have been waiting for a long time. It scans all unused files including packages, configuration files and it even makes recommendations. When I ran it for the first time it scanned some of the old kernels. Curiously I selected all of them and started cleaning, and viola!! Next time I booted, all my previous kernel options from grub are all gone.

My grub list was just getting longer and longer as I try some new things out but now I do have a lot easier way to clean them up.

I am not sure exactly what it does or if it does the right thing but at the moment I love it!!

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