Slow guest OS installation and poor integration support in Hyper-V

I have been trying out various OSes in Hyper-V environment but one thing that I am noticing is its slow installation process.  Even installling Windows guest OSes takes a long time.  However, once intergration service is installed on Windows guest OSes, performance improves.

However, linux in Hyper-V is out of question yet.  I tried to install 32, 64 bit Debian, Ubuntu Desktop/Server but Debian is the only distribution that I was able to be patient enough to complete the installation.  Debian base installation without GUI took a couple hours, where text frame buffer was horrible, almost unbareable, I had to wait about 10 seconds for each page to come up.  All other distributions, I waited about a couple hours too but it did not even get into the installation screen so I gave up.

For Windows guest OSes, Hyper-V could be a good option since integration tool works very nicely and its performance is not bad.  For linux distribution, they provide an integration tool only for SUSE, maybe RedHat too – I do not remember since it has been a while.  This tool could be downloaded from MS Connect site but the lastest version is from Sep 2008 which does not work with newer kernel. 

This Intergration tool required Xen-kernel to be installed in the linux distribution and it can be tweaked a little bit to skip some SUSE or RedHat specific commands, but it fails in one Kernel API function call which was changed in recent kernel.  As long as I remember in old kernel it was a function with 2 arguments but newer kernel has 3 arguments so it fails in that function call.   I have been waiting for MS developers to release more recent version but it did not happen yet.

In conclusion, I was very disappointed with Hyper-V because it lacks support for linux distributions.  Once it is installed, it runs ok but not as good as having intergration tool installed.  I hope MS realizes the need for linux support to start competing in virtualization market.

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