D-Link WBR-1310 Rev A Intermittent Wireless Connection

When I signed up for Comcast High Speed Internet a couple years ago, I received a free cable modem and a free router, WBR-1310 after mail-in rebate.  I have been using this router since then but somehow I have been constantly getting this wireless connection drops.  

Sometimes it is good for days, sometimes it drops many times in a day.  I tried to flash it many times with many different firmware, and even I tried a firmware for WBR-2310 since some others hacked the firmware to be installable on WBR-1310 since they use similar hardware.  Also looked up many open WRT solutions including dd-wrt but since this router has a very small memory, there was not option to go that route either.

I have another router which I can use instead but somehow the other router does not seem to support DNS forwarding that I need in my network.  While WBR-1310 forwards DNS request to DNS from ISP, the other router just assigns DNS from ISP in DHCP.  This seems odd and I may be wrong.  I need to double check.

Anyhow, I have had very bad experience with many D-Link products at home and at work.

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  1. I’m sure you’ve probably dumped the WBR-1310 but if you haven’t or know anyone who has one then check out the info I’ve found on the net.

    ***This will only work for WBR-1310 RevA models only***

    Disclaimer: Flash at your own risk.

    If you’re not getting good performace, you can flash the DI-524 RevD firmware, if you don’t like it you can go back to the WBR-1310 firmware


    From the DI-524 firmware you can upgrade to the DI-624 firmware or go back to the 524 firmware by following this link:


    Then if you want to go from the DI-624 to WBR-2310 firmware follow the link below:


    Here’s the general consensus of the results:

    WBR-1310 (real hardware) to DI-524 (firmware) – stable, better performance, less options
    DI-524 to DI-624 – stable, better range
    DI-524 (real hardware) to WBR-1310 (firmware) – stable, no performance increase, more options in the setup
    DI-524 to DI-624 to WBR-2310 – stable, better range, more options in the setup

  2. Sorry for the very very late reply. I have actually tried all the combinations but had no luck at all. Eventually its wireless drops no matter what. I think I am tossing this router out. Thank you very much for the suggestion though!!

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